Me & MyCity -concept tested in China for the first time

1st of November


Me & MyCity tried its wings for the first time outside of Finland’s borders. The Me & MyCity -concept was tested in a small scale setting in Beijing at the local XingCheng Elementary School. A group of Chinese students got to work for one day in five miniature companies and act as citizens and consumers as a part of society. The target group for the pilot was Chinese 4th and 5th grade pupils.

The pilot succeeded beyond expectations. The students and the school staff were convinced that the concept should become an established part of the Chinese school system. “In Me & MyCity students learn important 21st century skills through experimentation and by throwing themselves into different occupational roles. The Chinese students were particularly delighted that they were able to try things out by themselves” says Essi Lehtovaara, Project Director of EduTAT.

A Chinese version of the Finnish Me & MyCity concept will be established in Beijing in co-operation with EE City, a local company. The actual pilot will start in Beijing early next year.


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