Future work skills

12th of February

In addition to commercial and economic skills, Me & My Business -courses teach young people future work skills. These skills are based on a common European guideline for entrepreneurship education as stated by the European Commission’s 2016 Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. Goal based learning of a variety of skills supports pervasive competence development by combining knowledge and ability; this is why Me & My Business focuses on work skills that are highlighted not only in the world of business but all aspects of working life.

All activity starts with taking initiative. One needs to learn to see opportunities where they arise but also to calculate and identify risk. Projects are run with accountability, which refers to not just taking ethical considerations into account but making sure that people stick to what is agreed upon and that goals are met in an effective way. Versatile and trustworthy co-operation networks are crucial in supporting established goals and require complex social skills.

Everything is a learning opportunity. Continuous learning and study skills aren’t simply constituted of absorbing new information but perceiving and acknowledging different emotions and ways of thinking. Empathy is crucial in being able to understand somebody else’s point of view in order to work seamlessly together. By enhancing one’s emotional and cognitive skills it is possible to significantly improve the learning process and simultaneously enhance one’s perspective of the world and its phenomena. As the world changes faster than ever, keeping up requires constant updates to one’s skill set and an ability to think critically. Critical thinking consists of practicing scientific, logical and evaluative thinking.

Globalization has made the world seem smaller. Digitization has moved forward leaps and bounds, building bridges and windows between countries. There is a need for a purposeful and efficient use of digital skills. With the liberation of trade markets the world has become increasingly international. It’s become easier, and cheaper, to travel, move and work anywhere in the world. People are globally and socially conscious and more and more companies are taking part in global ventures. Being able to adapt to the changing world that creates opportunities and new challenges will be crucial in the future.

Lauri Vaara
Pedagogical Expert

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