Chinese children get their own Me & MyCity in Beijing

1st of July

The Finnish Education Innovation Me & MyCity will start operating in Beijing in early July. Me & MyCity is based on a Finnish concept called Yrityskylä, which EduTAT exports to the international market.

In Beijing, Me & MyCity operations are run by a local company, EE City. The Me & MyCity concept has been customized to suit the local society and education system for the first time. Local primary schools participate in the pilot, targeting 4th and 5th grade pupils. The Me & MyCity concept also aims to expand to other parts of China.

Me & MyCity in Beijing is the first international version of Me & MyCity that cooperates with a local company. Me & MyCity has received much attention internationally. Even now, EduTAT is negotiating contracts on three different continents. “One of the reasons for the major interest in Me & MyCity is the global concern for the inadequate working and economic skills of young people,” says Kari Väisänen, CEO of EduTAT.

“Me & MyCity is very meaningful to China. It benefits the young generation and all of society. The collaboration is based on a mutual understanding of common goals and practices. I believe that this not only strengthens educational cooperation between Finland and China, but also increases China’s interest in Finnish companies and Finnish society. I am delighted to work as a bridge between Finland and China and see how the cooperation evolves and brings results. I believe that Me & MyCity will succeed in China and be a leading model for educational cooperation”, says Betty Yu, Customer Manager of EduTAT.

Nokia and UPM participate in the Chinese pilot


Chinese children also get the chance to work in Finnish companies, for example UPM’s and Nokia’s business activities are simulated in the Chinese learning environment. UPM and Nokia are long-term partners of Yrityskylä in Finland. They find it important to be part of the first international version of Me & MyCity.

In UPM’s and Nokia’s miniature companies, students can, for example, experiment with the papermaking process and 5G technology. In addition, students learn about the concepts of environmental protection and the recycling process.

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