Me & MyGlobe


Me & MyGlobe is a learning module targeted at 15-16-year-olds, where the young people learn about the economy and working life as well as cross-cutting themes related to them in an international operating environment. The economy inevitably affects the lives of us all, and it is important that young people understand how business operates from an early age. All around the world, people are also discussing how the economic competences of young people could be improved. Young people need interesting and efficient ways of learning matters related to the economy, working life and society.

Me & MyGlobe teaches pupils also about financial management. This also encourages them to examine the way they use money themselves. In the Me & MyGlobe learning environment, economic literacy and concepts become concrete in a totally different manner than in a classroom.

The successful and established operations of Me & MyCity also created demand for the Me & MyGlobe concept, which was launched in Finland in 2015.

About Me & MyGlobe concept


The Me & MyGlobe learning module consists of teacher training, digital learning material and a game day in a physical learning environment. The learning material, including five lessons, based on the core curriculum leads the participants into the game day. With the help of the material, students get acquainted with, for example, companies in an international operating environment, economic concepts, responsible business operations, interaction and negotiation situations, and work skills of the future.

The game day includes a game situation lasting 2.5 hours. In the learning environment, students form a corporate executive team and manage a company in the turmoil of the world economy as a team. Each one of the students operates within a specific area of responsibility. In the game, the companies managed by the teams are real partner companies, whose products the teams manufacture and sell to customer countries.


Photos by: Iiro Rautiainen