Me & MyBusiness

Me & MyBusiness is a business course entity targeted at upper secondary schools and vocational colleges. Digitalisation, globalisation and technological development have revolutionised economic structures. Therefore, the understanding of global business is increasingly important for the success of our societies. The goal of Me & MyBusiness is to help students learn economics, and entrepreneurial and work skills. They will learn the commercial way of thinking as well as skills needed for operating in an international environment. They adopt key global business education capabilities and future skills.

The story of Me & MyBusiness began in 2015, when TAT wanted to start developing the economic competences and the readiness to learn future work skills of young people. Young entrepreneurs also critically need this kind of competence, since it is challenging to create successful business operations without knowing the fundamentals of commerce. The Me & MyBusiness provides young people with good readiness for further studies and working life regardless of what kind of plans the young person may have for his or her future.

About Me & MyBusiness concept

Me & MyBusiness is a digital course entity of economic education and work skills. The entity offers three comprehensive business courses that support students in economic competencies, the understanding of the global economy and in finding their own business skills. The students practice key competences needed in the future with the help of activating course exercises and applied assignments. The courses have also been designed to support other upper secondary school and vocational studies.

The course material is based on the highly esteemed Finnish National Core Curriculum, and it is also used by the  European Commission as an example of how entrepreneurship education can be brought to schools.  The contents of Me & MyBusiness follow the pedagogics based on the model of insightful learning of Professor Kirsti Lonka at the University of Helsinki, which supports interactive, explorative, creative and inspiring way of studying. The course materials are produced on a digital Claned learning platform that offers an opportunity to make assignments in a versatile and flexible manner. Reaching a top score, the course entity was granted the highly recognised Kokoa Certificate, which measures the contents and the pedagogical quality of digital material.

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Me & MyBusiness courses:

Sales, marketing and commercialisation

  • Sales, marketing & customer perspectives
  • Global commercialisation through branding

Communication and negotiation skills

  • Communication in business
  • Negotiation skills

Global market economy

  • Identifying global markets
  • Responsible business and global business trends