The future of societies is defined by what kind of capabilities young people develop for acting as part of society and for further developing it. The better societal knowledge and skills the young people have, the easier it is for them to transfer to working life, influence the environment around them and, possibly, become entrepreneurs.

We want to help young people flourish as members of society. Our method is to offer encouraging experiences in the fields of the economy, working life, society and entrepreneurship in a high-quality pedagogical learning environment. EduTAT has at its disposal the best education innovations in the world Me & MyCity, Me & MyGlobe and Me & MyBusiness − developed by the Economy and youth TAT.

EduTAT makes the Finnish pedagogical expertise and the proven learning solutions available to everyone. All EduTAT learning environments offer meaningful ways of learning economic and work skills. Introducing these skills to young people in a practical and authentic way makes economy and working life become a natural part of their lives. 

EduTAT is a Finnish education export company established in 2018 with an office in Helsinki. EduTAT is owned by the Finnish Economy and youth TAT, which has developed all the learning concepts provided by EduTAT.