What we do?

We provide youth with competences for the future, especially for working-life and studies. Our method is to offer them encouraging experiences in the fields of the economy, working life, society and entrepreneurship in a high-quality pedagogical learning environment. EduTAT has the best learning solutions in the world at its disposal: Me & MyCity, Me & MyGlobe and Me & MyBusiness.

The best education innovation in the world, Me & MyCity is a miniature city specifically for schoolchildren, where pupils work in a real company and profession, getting a salary for their work.

In the Me & MyGlobe, intended for young people, pupils conquer the global markets and manage a company on the international market. On the markets, the executive teams compete against each other for the best operating profit and the best reputation.

The digital business courses targeted at students of upper secondary schools and vocational colleges teach young people commercial and economic skills and future working life skills, enabling them to succeed in the global operating environment.

Joonas 16, Finland

”I got to know more about marketing and branding that you wouldn’t learn at school”

Viivi 15, Finland

”Me & MyGlobe was the best thing I have ever done at school”

Sofia 12, Finland

“I learned to work with different people, and I learned responsibility and about how to use money.”

Ruoquan, 11, China

“I learned lots of things about working life. I found out that I could use the knowledge I have learned at school in my job in Me & MyCity. After today’s activity, I want to go to real work!”