Me & MyCity


Me & MyCity is a learning module on the economy, working life and society targeted at 12–13-year-olds, encouraging entrepreneurship in them. Awarded as the world’s best education innovation (WISE, 2014), Me & MyCity offers a high-quality learning module filled with the joy of learning.  Me & MyCity is based on the highly esteemed Finnish National Core Curriculum. The story of Me & MyCity began in 2010, and, currently, learning environments are operating in eight localities around Finland. The learning module reaches more than 75 per cent of the sixth-graders in Finland.

Me & MyCity has gained a strong position as a promotor of societal skills, economic literacy and entrepreneurship in Finland. Through the Me & MyCity learning environment, students and teachers get acquainted with employers operating in their own area and their special features. Me & MyCity gives young people the first touch of the working life and supports their growth into members of society. According to a study conducted by the University of Vaasa (Panu Kalmi, 2015), the Me & MyCity learning module also significantly enhances the economic skills of young people. More than 75% of sixth-graders reported that the Me & MyCity learning module increased their interest in economic matters and personal savings.

About Me & MyCity concept


The Me & MyCity for sixth-graders consists of teacher training, ten lessons and visit to the Me & MyCity learning environment. The learning material, including 10 lessons, based on the core curriculum leads the participants into the Me & MyCity day. With the help of the material, pupils get acquainted with, for example, the fundamentals of the economy and society. The learning environment is a miniature city that simulates the functioning of society. In the learning environment, pupils work in their own professions, earning a salary for their work. Furthermore, pupils function as consumers and citizens as part of society.

The Me & MyCity partners enable an authentic experience of society and working life to the pupils. The enterprises in the Me & MyCity are real companies and public service providers, and the duties performed in them have been designed in collaboration with the business partners. Me & MyCity aims to present the working life and the operation of companies and public service providers in as authentic way as possible.  For companies and public service providers, Me & MyCity is a natural way of implementing their corporate social responsibility and creating a positive employer image.

  • IPN 2016: Global Best Award, Winner,  “Partnerships that build learning communities”
  • Blue Arrow Awards 2016: Winner, “Societal influence” -category
  • World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) 2014: Winner, “World’s best learning innovation”
  • European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2013: Winner, “Promoting the Enterpreneurial Spirit”
  • IPN 2012: Global Best Award regional winner Europe (most innovative new programme)